[Changing rhythm] is a multi-dimensional trial based on the color which constitutes time, space and material. I chose paper as the component element, as it is recyclable and renewable. The paper is shaped and dried through a special method to create a variety of organic structured space. At the same time, I used the visual element of color to express the different time and space, like "wake up", "life and death" and "dynamic and static". The visual language of the super-realism interprets the view of time in change.

[embodying time]:
How to describe time?
Transience, permanence, change, moment, now, then, duration, pause, minute, hour, year, past, present, future, eternity, and/or invasion?

Try different texture. To express the relationship between space and material.

Try different color to express different states in different visual styles and feelings.

A kind of static art form can be used to represent time. I explain the two states in different visual styles by the works that obtain occasionally and borrow from others. Each work has a historical relation. Time takes on the illusion of transformation.

The recycled artwork usually gives us a sense of time, which can show that the past history and identification of the work continue to exist. So we seek the structure of time: the structure of elements include the length, speed, direction and rhythm.

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