Mukbang Roller-Curry Tian from tiansicong on Vimeo.

“Mukbang Roller” is a music video co-directed by Curry Tian and Jasmine Lin for Taipei electronic artist Sonia Calico from More Time Records. The track, built around the audiovisual sensation of mukbang, is taken from Sonia Calico's debut album, "Simulation of an Overloaded World."

Mukbang (먹방) has taken on new significance within the context of COVID-19, where sharing food with our loved ones is no longer a viable love language. The video features three performance artists from the Asian diaspora (and their NUSI QUERO-rendered avatars). They seek to satiate their ravenous appetites, ripe with hunger and desire for intimacy and cultural connection amidst a global pandemic. As the video progresses, the textures of live performance and virtual simulation begin to meld together. In this makeshift digital commensality, diasporic neitzens can re-member their own bodies through the sensory act of eating.

In the spirit of a shared meal, this video was grounded in a very collaborative process. Each performer worked with the key crew to conceptualize their own raw, unpasteurized food performance, grounded in these activation questions: What stories of migration/assimilation/tradition/grief does food carry? How can food be a time-traveling device / full-bodied experience? How can the intimacies and textures of both food and live performance be translated in the digital realm?


Mukbang Roller-Curry Tian from tiansicong on Vimeo.

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