SIMULACRA is a multiple-immersion experience that incorporates live action shooting/motion capture/3D scan and 3D motion digital art.

SIMULACRA_Trailer from tiansicong on Vimeo.

It is about an elderly Buddhist woman recalls a ritual from her past, undertaking a journey of duality expressed through her many identities.

Artist/Director's statement

Through my art, I’m always questioning and exploring the various definitions and expressions of true beauty. I’m always seeking the meaning of true existence and in doing so, attempting to convey the concept of duality in my work, a duality that is particularly related to the many permutations one undergoes through his or her lifetimes. Simulacra comes from a philosophical treatise set forth by the sociologist Jean Baudrillard in which he explores the connections between reality, society and symbols. In order to reflect and expand on these themes, the film also incorporates a prayer from Won Buddhism in Korean, Chinese calligraphy, Japanese Butoh the Noh play from Japan. All of these mediums examine the relationship between truth and society, especially the symbolism of culture and media involved in constructing a shared existence. In this film I would like to pose the question - which world is truly real?

SIMULACRA from tiansicong on Vimeo.
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