simulacra from tiansicong on Vimeo.

Society is a cage where we jeer at the people living inside
“SIMULACRA” is a mixed art-form installation that was inspired by my study of multiple personality disorder and the notion of self-awareness. Aligned with Jean Baudrillard’s concept - the metaphor of the surreal experience - this work was an attempt to understand and portray people who continually rebuild themselves. What I soon discovered is that there are many kinds of truth, and many notions of selfhood.

Human beings are dynamic. Jean Baudrillard coined the term “simulacra”, and its cousin concept “appropriation,” to characterize this process. Personally, I think “juxtaposition” is more apt, given that any expression of aesthetics is beyond carrier constraints, the medium is only the tool to express the theme. We are moving into a period of bewilderment, a curious moment in which people find light in the midst of despair, and vertigo at the summit hope.

it is a religious moment, too, faced with the sublime. and there is danger.

Simulacra from tiansicong on Vimeo.

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